About Us

GreenBoxxShop is an online store dedicated to bridging the gap between nature and the conveniences of contemporary living.

Beautified with artificial greenery, our home décor accents are suitable for decorating homes, restaurants, cafes, spas, salons or offices. Realistic and crafted from non-toxic plastics, the artificial assortments are decorative, durable and easy to keep clean. No watering or planting required. Simply enjoy their naturalistic beauty.

Arranged by a young entrepreneur driven by a passion for natural greens but a lack of gardening experience. Our unique collection features the ever popular fiddle leaf fig tree, an assortment of indoor snake plants, artificial succulents and more!

Featured product

GreenBoxx Artificial Succulent Planter Arrangement 16 Pieces - GreenBoxxShop

Our best selling design, this comes fully assembled with 16 artificial succulent pieces, but can also be reassembled to your liking.