After graduating from California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo it was tough finding a job right away.  As many college grads struggle after college I wanted to do something to keep me busy while I searched.  I decided to create a business and this project kept my mind off of the pressure to find a job.

I have always loved plants but would always find a way to kill them, even the poor succulents.  One fateful day I searched and searched online but wasn't able to find a plant arrangement I liked.  I was only able to find assortments I was excited about at farmers markets, brick and mortar stores or very expensive florists.  Thus, GreenBoxxShop begun. 

It took about a year from inception to get my first product on Amazon in August of 2018.  After my initial launch the feedback I received from customers was overwhelming.  I never thought my product would bring such joy and happiness to others.  With this momentum I decided to continue and fell in love with creating plant arrangements others could enjoy as much as myself.

The Covid 19 pandemic allowed me to spend more time developing products and turning this project into a business. I was able to register my business as a corporation within California and even secure a trademark for our logo.

During this year I met virtually with others around the industry. I learned valuable tips about business logistics and manufacturing practices. With the help of these veteran sellers I was able to greatly increase the speed of my work. During 2020 I developed our best selling marble succulent arrangement, snake plant and free standing fiddle leaf fig tree.  As well as, creating lasting relationships and strong business partners.

Since 2018 we now have six different products with two more in the works!  We love to interact with our customers and are always listening to feedback on new products to make and how to improve our existing ones.  Message us on here or on Instagram @GreenBoxxShop we would love to hear from all of you!

Starting in 2021 we have made a pledge to plant a tree for every five products sold to help reduce our worlds carbon footprint.  Join the thousands of others in the GreenBoxx family and help us Brighten Up Your Home & Your Life With GreenBoxx Artificial Plants!

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