Ceramic-Marble Artificial Succulent Planter



Plants are a great way to enhance the look of a home. However, they require care and maintenance.

You have to give them water and ample time under sunlight.

Your home is an opportunity to express your personality and create an environment where you feel relaxed and cheerful, which is why we go above and beyond to create this product and collection to enhance your decorating needs.

Our succulents won’t require any maintenance, our pieces are designed for you to showcase your ingenuity, whether with eye-catching indoor decor or a fresh new abode for your favorite floral arrangements. Cute as they are, they can be a bit tricky to grow and care for. Some kids won’t thrive well in indoor settings.

Most love lots of water but don’t like being watered frequently.  Built to withstand intense sun and harsh winter temperatures, free from fade, frost, crack and peel damage so you can use it indoors and outdoors freely.

☀️ INDOOR And OUTDOOR USE: Use it to decorate living rooms or place it on an outdoor area like a balcony and porch. Enjoy these indoor/outdoor planters in any type of weather.

🎍 UNIQUE MARBLE DESIGN: Our Marble-ceramic pots are an ideal way to enjoy your desired plants and flowers. They are a definite praise to any home decor. You will love decorating your outdoors such as your deck garden and indoors in the kitchen.

🌺 LIGHTWEIGHT: Made from durable recyclable plastic and natural stone powder, the planter is light so you can lift it easily.

🎁 PERFECT GIFT: Marble planter is a tool for cultivation also a work of art for viewing, which is a perfect gift for your relatives and friends, wife, son or mother who loves planting.

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